Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited approached us to make a corporate video for Mobilink Microfinance Bank in order to create awareness about services, products, values, the mission and vision of the company. Video must aim to provide an overview of the Mobilink Microfinance Bank working environment, presence, impact on people’s lives, technological advancements, international quality standards services compliance and effective regulatory framework in each department.

The second video is HR focused, highlighting various benefits on joining the Mobilink Microfinance Bank, the structure, workplace, colleague to colleague interaction, the amazing life that lies within the organization, and many other USPs to attract the potential top talent across the country, as well as to position the Mobilink Microfinance Bank the best working place and an organization with culture and values.


Build the narrative that links Mobilink Microfinance Bank to its glorious past, and provides a glimpse into their progressive future inspire through heritage that reflect the rich tradition, hospitable culture, try to build an emotional connection around our unique perspectives through storytelling in order to allow our audience to digest information more easily. Draw the audience with a well-structured content that builds up to high point followed by a satisfying conclusion.

  • Position Mobilink Microfinance Bank as a company of economic potential and growth
  • Establish an enlightened and empowered persona
  • New Policies/strategies that help the community in a more efficient way
  • New innovations and advancements

Behind The Scenes

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